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Jackie Jacqueline Bollen Physiotherapist founder director Reflecting Health


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Please meet the founder, Jackie Bollen

Jackie has been a physiotherapist for 8 years, with an interest in neurological and musculoskeletal practice. She enjoys research into neuromuscular physiotherapy techniques, and their application in practice.

Jackie is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner. The basic premise being to find the cause of disease and pathology, rather than simply treating the symptoms. She is currently running programs and enjoying seeing the transformations in her clients.  

Jackie founded Reflecting Health in 2019. She had always wanted to start her own business and follow her passions, to transform health in Australia to focus on wellness, vitality, happiness and people thriving. Not just getting by, treating symptoms and never truly feeling well. 


Since then Reflecting Health has grown into what it is today. We have an amazing multidisciplinary team including Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Assistant's and unbeatable admin support. We have also launched our Functional Medicine programs and are looking forward to incorporating life coaching and equine therapy in the future. 

Jackie's dream is to continue to nurture and grow Reflecting Health, providing a wonderful workplace for practitioners and a place for people to come and heal. 

A little about Jackie's life

Jackie believes in the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body in order to live a quality life filled with vitality, joy, positive energy and love.

She loves to be proactive in life, doing things that include exercise, meditation, journaling, learning new things and spending time with friends and family. She is very health conscious, loves a good farmers market and sourcing local organic vegetables and grass fed/pasture meats.

She loves the outdoors and trying new things. Whether it be hiking, paragliding, kayaking, or some other adventure, it's hard to say no. She is also a very proud mother, and knows the importance of a balanced life between work, fun and family.


These are my direct contact details. Please feel free to get in touch!

Availability: Mon - Fri

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